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As we have at Abousafi a very large range and many different varieties of fabrics, we suggest that you specify to the salesman your preferences. For example: pure cotton or cotton mix, spun or filament polyester, thick or light cloth, and so on. In that way you would not be confused into too many types of fabrics, not of interest to you, and to be able to choose the right fabrics which you prefer.
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Machine washable at a temperature between 40-60 degrees. And preferable not to use electric dryers.
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Cashmere is one of best kinds of high-quality fine and soft wool. Obtained from "The Kashmir Goat", found in Tibet, Mongolia, Iran and India. Cashmere Fibers are usually blended with Wool to add elegant and distinguished appearance and softness to the fabrics.
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Raw cotton can be classified into three types, according to appearance and staple lengths. There is the long-staple cotton. It is the best and most expensive types of cotton. Which is usually used for producing high quality and fine cotton fabrics. The second type of raw cotton is a medium staple length and then there is the short staple type, which is commonly used in making carpets and blankets.
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These kinds of Fibers were introduced to the Fabrics’ Industry since 1959. Spandex Fibers have become commonly used in many of the men's and women's fabrics. The addition of a certain percentage of these Fibers into cotton or wool or polyester Fibers give greater comfort as cloth stretches with the body movement.
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Man used Natural Fibers in making Textiles since the very ancient times. He used different plans for extracting Fibers to produce clothes. Flax, Hemp and Cotton are examples.
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These Fibers are extracted from chemical industrial sources. And their production depend mainly on “Petrochemicals”. “Nylon” was the first Synthetic Fiber which has been produced commercially in 1938 by Du Pont Company.
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In order to improve or add required specifications to Fabrics, two or more Fibers are blended. Natural Fibers, such as cotton, linen and wool could be mixed with Synthetic Fibers, such as polyester or semi-industrial such as Rayon. Mixing natural Fibers like cotton or wool with linen or silk with cotton.
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In this process, Cotton and other Natural Fabrics are treated during the Finishing stage, in order to reduce shrinkage and wrinkling.