1 يناير 1970 - 23 شوال 1389 هـ( 3227 زيارة ) .
- As we have at Abousafi a very large range and many different varieties of fabrics, we suggest that you specify to the salesman your preferences. For example: pure cotton or cotton mix, spun or filament polyester, thick or light cloth, and so on. In that way you would not be confused into too many types of fabrics, not of interest to you, and to be able to choose the right fabrics which you prefer.
- The price at Abousafi is not the only measure of quality, as we guarantee the quality of all types of fabrics at various prices. We suggest that you set up your shopping budget. Our salesmen will help you to choose fabrics that suit your budget.
 - Must always keep in mind the care methods of different types of fabrics. Each type needs special attention. For example, Polyester fabrics’ care is easier than those of cotton and wool.
 - If you are accustomed to wearing a certain type of fabric which you are happy with, we suggest you continue to wear the same fabric. At the same time, while shopping at our sores, you may try out one or two different fabrics.
- It is preferable that you know the amount of fabric you need to tailor your “thobe”. It varies depending on the size of each person as well as the model of the “thobe” and the stitching technique.
 - You can choose your fabrics within many different types, including:
- Cotton: 100% pure cotton and blended in many rates starting from 5% cotton to 90% cotton.
- Swiss fabrics with the tradition of high quality and excellence.
- Italian fabrics with touches of taste and famous Italian fashion.
- German fabrics with German practical high quality.
- Spun Polyester Fabrics, made in Japan, so many different types and specifications. All made with high Japanese standards.
- Japanese Filament Polyester Fabrics.
- Spun x Filament Polyester Fabrics made in Japan.
- Japanese, German, Swiss and Italian cotton Fabrics in many different colors. 
- Several varieties of Japanese Polyester colored fabrics.
- Blended Fabrics. Such as polyester and rayon Tufcel or Modal and others.
- English and Italian wool fabrics.
- Winter fabrics such as polyester or blended polyester and rayon.
- A wide variety of European-made fabrics of processed cotton: Non Iron or Easy-care. Characterized by a less wrinkling and shrinking and distinctive appearance.
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