1 يناير 1970 - 23 شوال 1389 هـ( 2210 زيارة ) .

Pure cotton and cotton-blended:

- Machine washable at a temperature between 40-60 degrees. And preferable not to use electric dryers.

- Chlorine Bleach should not be used. It may weaken and cause tearing off fabrics .

- Fabrics made of cotton are shrinking and wrinkling more than those made of Polyester. Fabric needs to be washed in the washing machine and then ironed for two or more times before tailoring. That process would reduce the shrinkage rate of the fabric.

In addition, there are some cotton fabrics which are processed in certain ways “Wrinkle Resistance Finish” to be resistant to the crease and shrinkage.

Linen (flax)

- Some Linen blended fabrics (with polyester or other fibers), can be washed with warm water, while “dry cleaning” must be used for fabrics made of pure Linen.

- Fabrics made of Linen are shrinking and wrinkling.


- Polyester fabrics are strong and durable. Wrinkling and shrinkage are less.

- Can be machine washed with at medium temperature.

- Dryer could be used at low temperature.


- Fabrics made from pure rayon, or those blended with high rate of Rayon, should be dry cleaned.

- Ironing must be at low temperature.

- Fabrics made of Rayon are shrinking and wrinkling.

- Based on Rayon, manufacturers have developed Fibers with special characters. Fibers such as, MODAL, TUFCEL and LYOCEL.  


- Dry Clean must be used with fabrics made of pure wool.

- It is preferable not to dry clean woolen fabrics much frequently.

- Woolen fabrics, and after each use, can be hanged on a good hanger in a well-ventilated place. Where the fabrics would be back to normal and the wrinkles disappear.

- You can use a brush or a sponge to clean the surface of woolen fabrics.

- If wool fabrics get wet, they can be dried at room temperature.

- Some types of polyester blended wool fabrics, can be washed, but with a delicate care.

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