History of Natural Fibers
1 يناير 1970 - 23 شوال 1389 هـ( 1495 زيارة ) .
Man used Natural Fibers in making Textiles since the very ancient times. He used different plans for extracting Fibers to produce clothes. Flax, Hemp and Cotton are examples. 
Animals’ furs were also used in producing Fibers such as Wool and Silk.
Spinning Linen was already very advanced in Egypt around 3400 BC. And Cotton was spun in India around 3000 BC. In China the Silk was produced by “Silkworms” and spun about 2600 years BC.
And with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the development of new Fibers was possible by the introduction of special machines. Timber was used to produce “Cellulosic Fiber” in France in 1884. Rayon and later other fibers derived from Rayon, such as LYOCEL, MODAL, TUFCEL, with special and improved characteristics.
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