super anier
1 فبراير 2016 - 22 ربيع الثاني 1437 هـ( 1469 زيارة ) .

A desire for healthy and clean living, "super anier" is a newly developed deodorant finish materials that fulfills these requirements.

"super anier" prevents various unpleasant odors that emanate daily life and offers clean and sanitary living.

Special Characteristics of "super anier"

Deodorant function principle of "super anier", is based on a chemical reaction that neutralizes the odors. It exhibits outstanding effects against various body odors and will not leave any unpleasant odors on the fabrics

"super anier" process will not influence the physical properties of the fiber nor its handle.

The main substances used for the "super anier" process are the same as those used in toiletries and cosmetics. Therefore, it is safe on human body.

Ask for our fabrics with “ super anier” finish….
    SPF-7008 – spun x filament polyester.

       CT-7008 – polyester (85%) / cotton (15%) mix.

         SL-7008 – polyester (94%) / modal (06%) mix.

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